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Reframe: The Directors’ Cut is the single-screen iteration of the ‘Reframe: The Residency’ Exhibition - a collection of films responding to the climate crisis.  After winning a place on the residency, which was launched by Apple and the Southbank Centre for young Black emerging artists, and showcasing the original multi-screen audio-visual installation at the Southbank Centre during the Planet Summer Festival, Brown was employed to edit the film from its multi-screen format to a single-screen format. This was exhibited at Aviva Studios, in March, and STEAMhouse, in April; during the latter of which, Brown was interviewed by the BBC, about his experiences during the project.

Brown was the director of photography in the group who made the film Ripple Effect. Ripple Effect, responding to the disproportionate impacts of the climate crisis on communities of colour, has been exhibited at the Southbank Centre, Aviva Studios, and STEAMhouse.