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Chocolate is a painting celebrating being a ‘social model’ - refusing to view one’s impediments as barriers to engaging with society. A highly personal piece, created following a phone call between Brown and his mother affirming his positive relationship with his stammer, the painting is a veneration of the importance of self love - viewing oneself as being as gorgeous, appealing, and sweet as something like chocolate.

Acrylic on canvas, 20” x 30”

In Groundings, Revolution, and the Politics of Postcoloniality (2003), Walter Rodney condemns Jamaican policymakers for adopting neo-colonial policies originally enforced by Europeans. Rodney states: ‘Black people must mobilise and unify themselves to act in their own interest’. This applies to criminalisation of organic produce – such as marijuana – versus the endorsement of European owned tobacco, processed foods, and Black 'beauty' products (such as European weaves). ‘The decolonisation of representation’ – applies in Brown’s piece, Grounding: Jamaica - Legalise Marijuana (2020), which considers positive re-investment in Black excellence, the Jamaican economy, education, health sector, and championing Jamaica’s organic produce and postcolonial beauty standards.

Acrylic on canvas, 30” x 20”